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cofbsA HIstory

On July 31, 2001, Pastor Stephen and Carolyn Prescod were praying in their home during a regular Monday evening prayer, when they heard God speak clearly “Feed my lambs”.  To make sure they understood what He was saying, He spoke the verses  John 21:15-17. Of course they said “Yes Lord”! That is all they could think to say at the moment. While waiting in prayer again, God spoke to them on October 24, 2001 and said “It is time to begin pastoring in your own pasture”.  It was a command from God that was very direct.  God moved miraculously and they had their first service on December 2, 2001.

He opened the door for them to be accepted as a RHEMA affiliate Church in February 2004 during Winter Bible Seminar.  Pastor Stephen currently has the baton in his office that was passed on to him during that ceremony to remind him of his commitment to support the work and ministry of RHEMA.  He feels truly blessed to be the Pastor of a Word of Faith Church.

They launched their first outreach in the community in 2003 by radio and actively having services at the assisted living facilities in the city.  They also participated in various community activities in the city and have been invited to offer opening prayer for several city council meetings.

The main focus and call of the ministry is to preach the gospel of the kingdom, feed the lambs, nurture the sheep, and shepherd the sheep.

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